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Christmas on the Chesapeake

Docksiders Gymnastics Invitational

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In 2017 we collected 461 toys & $462.75. The Maryland Gymnastics Parent Organization donated $1 to Toys for Tots for every 9 scored during the meet, totally $3,321 Thank you for your continued support!!.

Alpha Factor

COTC's Title Sponsor
Alpha Factor leotard

Alpha Factor has been COTC's title sponsor since 2014. Since 2015, Alpha Factor has graciously provided a COTC leotard to every competing gymnast.



      This year's COTC information, entry forms, a listing of colleges attending, and all important meet information pertaining to coaches will be posted as here as the information becomes available.

Win up to 10 FREE meet entries fee for 2019 COTC

Alpha Factor leo-wearing winners of 2018 COTC free meet fee entries raffle

      We will have one drawing per day. To be entered, have your team wear their 2018 Alpha Factor COTC leotard during their meet session. You team will earn one entry per session/level. Compulsory levels (3-5), Xcel Silver, and Xcel Gold can win up to 10 meet fee entries for 2019 COTC. Optional levels (6-10) and Xcel Gold through Diamond can win up to 8 meet fee entries to 2019 COTC. The amount of meet fee won will be credited to that specific level for 2019 and will be max'd out at the number of gymnasts in that session up to the max available to win for their level.

      For example, Jane's gymnasts has 12 level 3 gymnasts and 5 level 10 gymnasts competing on the same day in their Alpha Factor leotards. Jane's gymnasts will earn a raffle ticket to win 10 level 3 meet fee entries and another raffle ticket to win 5 level 10 meet fee entries for 2019 COTC. If Jane's gymnasts has more teams competing on the other days in their Alpha Factor leotards, they win earn more raffle tickets for those days.

      Congratulations to 2017 Alpha Factor leo-wearing winners of 2018 COTC free meet fee entries raffle:


2018 COTC Schedule **Updated 12-7-18**

2018 COTC Meet Info & Entry Forms

Meet Dates: December 14th, 15th, and 16th (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

June 1, 2018: Maryland Gymnastics began accepting deposits from gyms.

Important Deadlines

September 1st, 2018: All entry fees and Leo Sizes DUE !!!! Gyms that paid a deposit must pay any remaining balance to guarantee entry in COTC!

November 10th, 2018: Absolutely No refunds after November 10th

November 24th, 2018: Absolutely No substitutions after Nov 24th

Mailing Address

Christmas on the Chesapeake
c/o Maryland Gymnastics
P.O. Box 814
Millersville, MD 21108

Meet Fees

Optionals (level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10/Open) $130.00 / Gymnast

Compulsories (level 3, 4, and 5 $105.00 / Gymnast

XCEL (Gold thru Diamond) $130.00 / Gymnast

XCEL (Bronze, Silver ) $105.00 / Gymnast

Team - $60.00 - All clubs with 4 or more gymnasts same level are automatic Team entries 3 Scores count

Entry Forms

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Email Addresses

Meet Director: Bob Ouellette


      Several college recruiters will be in attendance. As soon as the listing is complete, it will be posted below.